We had a rather sad one here, My 12 days of Christmas was cut short as we had a bereavement here in the Fee household and we had to fly out to Ireland for a funeral dodging the awful weather when you are pushing a wheelchair is no mean feat I have to say… I am beginning to get rather fed up with the snow and ice….

We had a big fammily get together Boxing day, and I went and done a JIM ROYAL and dropped a full tin of shortbread biscuits on my big toe and I didnt have any slips on either! lol nope I didnt rest me poor foot in the quality street tin!… tee hee!

I made homemade carrot and corriander soup for the first time,(tescos went mad with the carrots this year loads reduced on crimbo eve) and nigella sausages (made with Ginger preserve, soy sauce and wholegrain mustard) and they were loved by all, so am well pleased, when you have over 20 for dinner it is quite worrying that what you cook will be edible let alone liked by all, I also did jacket Pots and chocolate chilli con carne and not a morsel left of any of it, so must have done well in my stress…lol

I do have some piccies of gift boxes to show you, so do pop back later for a mooch, I shall be busy making new year cards as I didnt manage to get all my crimbo ones out, so will show you them when they are done….
Take care all….

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