Hello all, I have been a busy bee one way or another… Life doesnt seem to be treating us well here at the moment, but we are getting through it like a stampede of horses that are determined to come out the other end in tact, and out the other end in tact we will….

Crafting wise I have been busy making 2 groups of card candy, a 3D swaps and a general card swap for convention on thursday, oh my why on earth did I enter so many swaps!! I am rather pleased with how they have turned out so watch this space towards the end of the week for piccies!

I have had a total revamp personal look wise, have had me hair choppered right off! In eagerness for Gala night Dinner on Friday, not 100% sure i like it but hey its different and theres nowt I can do about it now…lol

Anyways enough of me and onto craftinng what do we have in store for you this christmas , wll as the title states BUNDLES!

Free ribbons to be had when purchasing bundles, and not only on purchase but on workshops as well, any workshop be it home or virtual (gather your friends round your catty whilst having a coffee morning and get orders from them totaling over £150 and you get a choice of free ribbon too…

This off is on now until end of December!

Here are the bundles!

Look at these scrummy ribbons (only available as a free item when purchasing a Christmas bundle or a workshop with sales tatolling above £150.00)

Here are some new papers that are not for general sale in the catty in one of the bundles!

If you wish to purchase any bundles or hold a workshop please do not hestitae to contact me at simplyfairies@yahoo.com…

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