The Leccy came back on yesterday, though not without interuption, but hey who cares, fed, washed and watered… I was like a little kid, i wanted to keep putting he kettle Thankyou all for your kind comments I luv ya’s all….

Also at LONNNNNGGGG last the neighbour next door is having theior fence replaced, and so Stamford has been eager to get out there, does he not know i have to make cards, Dogs who’d have em!!… (me ) Well it has been on hell of a week, what with no power, fencing, and one door closing more are opening,….. Mmmmmm but I will have to keep you in suspense a little longer on that one or two!!

I have snippets to show you, why i have been busy creating by candlelight, gosh I sure hope it won’t show!! CRAFTSULOVE are celebrating the their 3rd shop birthday with loads of classes and demos going on all over the weekend starting tommorrow, there are an arrary of designers showing you creations from lots of new products..

Please do come along , pop by and say Hi!! We are at the shop and Charlwood community hall. I infact I am down at the Hall allday I think…. anywas here are the snippets

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