Oh my before I show you my Elzybells sneak peak, I will say I only have power not for three hours, so i have put the Latte machine on, so that i can indulge in some hotel chocolate and a frothing foamy latte, to warm me up , I am frozen, this is supposed to be summer, I can’t wait for a hot warm bath, warm drinkies in me belly and me warm leccy blanket I am gonna have it on full blast I am…

My poor eyes are mega sore, I have sooooo much cardmaking to do this week for elzy and craftulove birthday demo weekend…, I am well miffed at no leccy, though EDF have been brilliant and they ring twice a day to see how we are, as you know Paul is stuck upstairs as the cahir lift won’t work without power!!

Those engineers need medals, are ya listening MR G Brown, they are working their sockes off!! Advice i would give everyone, if you don’t own a bog standard plug in the telephone socket to work phone, go get one now and store it in a cupboard you juts might need it someday, as those walk around ones don’t work without power!! £10 THATS ALL THEY ARE, A TENNER WELL SPENT!!

Right onto me card well creations really , all are using the single strawberry girl and the matching strawberry and sentiment… I have used doodlebug papers from craftsulove with matching bazzil cardstock, the bag is the picnic box from the fabulous lauren meaders timeless templates…. I also used a fiskers border punch from craftsulove too!! and of course some yummy strawberry cream boiled sweeties, can ya spot the dinkie strawberry on the bow!!

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