Do what I hear you say…lol Yes Fiddle Faddle, It’s the name for the one of the latest papers at Craftsulove, and I have fallen for them bigtime, Bold and Bright and right up my street…They are by We R Memory keepers and they are just fabilicious to say the least, and there are loads to choose from…. Doublesided too, what a bonus that is….
I have teamed them up with the Elzybells girls and This weeks simplyfairies sketch by My fabby Friend Sue, and the twist in the sketch is no chrissy cards, and since it’s Sue’s birthday today ***Happy Birthday Sue***, and her nickname is susie sunshine, I thought I would use these funky bright sunshine papers!!…..

I had a great time at Craftsulove on Saturday we made gift boxes and gift sets using the Scorpal, I shall show and tell tommorrow, The weather was jsut awful and the roads were being closed off, and whilst I navigated safely through the lakes that were appearing in the country lanes on the way homewith my Friend Shirley following behind in her car, we were driving at a safe speed, we hit the M25, and safely wadeour way through the rain storm, until we got to Orpington nearly home, when something awful happened to me, Shirley still behind I left her in the inside lane to as she were going off at Swanley and me I were going off at the next junction, I moved over to the middle lane, as it were stating on the flashers that the inside lane were closed, when an idiot in a red van came like a bat out of hell up the insdie lane flying right passed me, whilst i were cursing him like mad for the water spray he left in his mad trail, causing me vision to non exsistant, i noticed in his path a bumper from a large van sitting on the floor of his lane, I slowed as i thought oh no he’s gonna hit it, well he did and where do you think it went when hit at such speed, yep right infront of me, well, my Little sister Suzanne must have been watching from above and gathered up her angel friends to make sure I didn’t die that night, whilst i slowed down even more I still had to slam my brakes on and I skidded making sure that I steered into the skid rather than away as I had been taught, I hit the bumper, bang bang bang went the car, and I held my breath and prayed with all my heart that no one smashed into me, the bumper then shot off to the inside lane and a car which turned out to be Shirley’s stopped just as it scuffed her car, she thought it were my bumper, well how I carried on driving after that only god knows and how I didn’t hit anyone remains a miracle, I were shaking with fear,, I felt rather ill all night after that, but I got back into the car and had to go to Bluewater as it were me Dads birthday next day and had to get him extras, I am glad I did as I think if I would have left it , I would never have driven again thats for sure….

Anyway I am still here thanks to Suzanne and the angels, so I will get on and show you my card!! Hope you likes…

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