I am thinking out loud about something I have been pondering over, and my question in my thoughts is CAN YOU COPYRIGHT A TECHNIQUE???, Such as, lets say for arguments sake Decoupage technique,be it cutting out photo picture or stamped images.

Now my thoughts are you can no more copyright decoupage techniques in this century any more than you can copyright watercolouring techniques, well not unless you are well more than a 100 years old and it were you who thought it up in the first place or been left that copyrighted technique to you in the orignators will.

A design well that’s different, a card or layout that you personally thought up, I can understand that, but my thoughts and they are just my thoughts you can not take ownership of a technique especially if someonelse showed you how to do it in the first place!!!!!

Now I am not talking about credits to people I am talking about taking ownership!!!

What say you, I would like to hear your thoughts!!! Mmmmm or have I just set a big fat hungry cat amoungst the pidgeons!!!

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