Well loads of you have been asking where has my blog header gone, To say I am upset is an understatement…

When we buy our crafts especially stamps we want to make the most of them , show them off, I thought I was doing just that with my handstamped header, but it seems to have upset someone!!!

I received an email from Stampingbella saying that I had to remove it because the artist of the fairies would not approve, and as there was a chance of my blog being removed if I did not do this, I decided my blog was worth more than advertising Bella stamps for free!!! God only knows why the artist would not approve, I am dumbfounded!!! and a little upset that my emails have not been replied too… I know I won’t be buying anymore of the fairy range thats for sure….

A good friend has made me another one from one of my cards, and I thankgod for good freinds (you know who you are) my fairy godmother!!!!

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