Over at Stamp something the challenge is:

In honor of Independence Day next Friday, this week’s challenge is kicked up a notch and is a two part challenge:
Create something in red, white and blue and have it be ANYTHING BUT A CARD!

Well having been over to Sue at Susies Sunshine and seeing the fabby book she made, I thought come on girly get ya act together and make something other than a card, Something that I need and would make use of really, so I decided to decorate a tin I bought cheap in hobbycrafts, I need something to put me ever growing nellie collection in, and to be honest one tin ain’t enough, but hey it’s a start,…..

I didn’t want anything fancy and too in ya face, and am loving that gorgeous magenta stamp, and the super sassy girly to….. Mind you since I covered it the lid no longer fits, not sure it fit in the first place really, well it were reduced to £2.99 from 8 quid, so what do I expect….. Still I think it looks quite nice anyway….

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