Well this card is a three in one,or shall I say four in one, I am gonna say, it’s reflecting my mood at the mo I want to go out and stamp in the rain thats pouring outside…. and as I writing this Frank Lampard has just scored through a penalty, took his black armband off and Tearfully kissed it for his beloved Mum…. Ohhhh now that has made me cry…..

I have had a right week of it so far…. Beginning with My Daughter always using my GHD’S , always dumps em on the floor when she has finished never putting em back from wence they came, this time she chucked em on the floor just inside the spare room and I goes and steps on em, yep they are smashed to smives, I have got to say I was sooo mad, I were shaking and hyperventalating, flaming hundred quid in tatters, and winnie can’t see that she has had a hand in it, blaming me that she can’t do HER hair, ain’t she lucky she ain’t got a bonce like mine….

Then the heating has gone up the wall again, and then to boot tonight whilst am trying to source a new dishwasher coz thats packed up, me beloved tumble dryer has bitten the dust as well….

But HEY you don’t want to know all that, so I shall continue with todays card, It’s for the my paperworld sketch 9, sugar nellies no patterned paper, and cute card thursdays Girls just wanna have fun… all the links are at the right side of me blog…. anyways without further ado here it is using one of me Thankyou nellies from sugar nellie….

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