Sorry I ain’t been about, been quite busy and stressful here, Taking Paul to footie, gawd I am glad when footie season over thats for sure, Took Paul over to euston station on Thursday to pick up the chelsea train to everton, took and hour from here, took me nearly four hours to get back, just because I didn’t trust me sat nav to get me home again, it kept directing me to shoreditch east london, I wanted south, stoopid me forgot about Blackwall tunnel didn’t I that takes me right to the A2, along by where I lives… well back again I wents at 4am to him up so no sleep what so ever for me that nite….


Well a very sad time for me at the mo, my fave craft shop CREATIVE LIVING is closing down and I can’t quite get me head round it all…. Totally and utterley gutted is what I am, and few other crafters feel this way I know for sure…

Today Creatives is starting their 50% off closing down sale, and everything is going from brads to stamps, from fixtures to fittings, I know it feels a bit like scavaging, and I got to say wasn’t a nice feeling rumaging through gorgeous stash this time, but I am sure Teresa, Faye and Jay would appreciate all the sales so much…. So why don’t ya pop along to see them and snatch up a bargain or two, even the demo cards on display are for sale, the demo and class stock is going at less than half price,….

I managed to bag a cricut, and cuttlebug, they have big shots and side kicks, and cricut cartridges all 50% off, theres Bellas in store, perfect pearls, watercolour pencils, Brush markers, ranger daubers, and 12 x 12 papers to die for…

If ya see something you think may not be for sale, Just ask!!!! Coz it might just be up for grabs….. Come on girlies get those pennies out…..

I for one shall be popping back in the week, To say me goodbyes and take a bottle of champers with me, coz I have a lot to thank all the staff for….. and of course a bowl of Dee;s scrummy sweet potato and butternut squash soup….

Oh yes food and beverages still served up all week, Creatives close the end of this month :((((

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