It’s been nearly a week since my last blog session… (oh!! sounds like a confession going on !!) sorry about that,

well much to tell got me commission done and off only to another two and again not much notice but hey I must work well under pressure!!! Thought with Paul going to greece for the footie on monday I might just get two days to meself, (yeah right)
well these ones are rather top secret, mmmmm don;t ask!! this blog will self destruct in 10 seconds… lol

Just call me miss blogga penny from now on….

All will be revealed I am sure very soon……. will be worth the wait…

On another note happy mail this morning, but please don’t chuck ya bins at me, I have only gone and got 3rd place in the sizzix category comp in cardmaking and papercraft , am mega pleased since I dodn’t have as much time as I thought and couldn’t make the card I wanted so just pulled one from me sample box, and it’s only gone and won me £50 worth of sizzix products yipppeee!!!!!!

I’d like to promise that I won’t enter anymore comps, but i just sooo love the challenge to think outside me box, I am getting addicted….lol oi!!! whose bin was that…

I did enter a couple of categories and ain’t heard nowt about them so I suppose it’s safe enough to show ya all later what I sent in….. whilst I enjoyed making them all I did eally concerntrate on the big one, and am glad I did coz I won it… so anything else 3rd or not is one real bonus I am more than happy to receive…

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