LOST is back!!!!! Woooohoooooooooo I shall be snuggled up in me broken bed waiting for Lost to begin……. Oh how I have missed this show and Sawyer mmmmmmm Sawyer ahhhhh!!, I have already selected it on the series run on me sky plus, now where wiould I be without that… Coz if I have another mishap whilst waiting for me new bed to arrive and it happening in the middle of lost I think I might have a breakdown……….

And I hears too that me Jericho is coming back too…. on CBS though so come guys whens coming back here!!!!! Oh that skeet is just sooo scrummy looking ain’t he…

I shall be busy today creating , so may have something to show ya’s later on aplologies for lack of creations but as ya ll know I have been rather taken up with commission and beds!!!
Although I only have a week to get the next one done, I shall for sure make so me time for perhaps sketch challenges quick and simple ones me thinks….

see ya all later don’t forget to pop back…..

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