I tell my dear friends I need sleep and a serious amount too!!!

I have been up since 3am, I had to pick paul up from paddington as I said yesterday, we got home at 5am made tea and sandwihes he were hungry when he got home, I got to say I was famished too!!! yuk!!! sandwiches at an ungodly hour whatever next, well I did go to bed thought I would read a little and frightened meself to death with the new Patricia cornwell book, cor she don’t normaly cut to the chase that quick!!! Daytime reading that one me thinks…..

Well was up again at 6am to get winnie up for school fell back to sleep and she woke me shouting wheres me lunch, awwww forgot it, and then just about to drop off and the phone rang at 8am he were pauls wake up text 5 hours too late, could have throttled him, but he were too busy snoring to notice, glad someone was spark o, just about to drop off yet again another call this time the beggers hung up when I answered, I will be catching them tommorrow morning to do the same, only it will be at 6, see how they like it….. why can’t peeps say ooppss I am sorry wrong number…????

Well just about to nod again and postie arrived, bringing me bits for the simplycards commission and a fabby thankyou card from Terrie B, Thanks soooo much Terrie I loves it…….

Well by now I think ya can guess I gave up with the shut eye, and pottered about, have now have made three of the 8 cards for the commission, and I must say I am well pleased with the results, I think I shall sure sleep tonight my dear friends!!!!

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