Thanks loads for all your concerns, I am feeling rather low at the minute, the dreaded cold bug has caught me AGAIN!!!

I have had a nightmare week to boot…..

First hit a barrier bollard head on so got NO excuse about I didn’t see it coz I were reversing Nah!!!! And I only realised it were there when me car went upwards and me thinking ooheeee what going on here…. not much damage but sooo upset coz it’s not even had its first M.O.T. and it’s hubbies car and not mine never got so much as a scratch on me old bangers… but hey its’ only a car!!!! as Paul says….

Then gets this rotten cold, although it didn’t deter me from finishing my first commission which I hope by now has arrived at SC & PC, boy did I find it hard to limit myself to 6 steps each card and only 30 words each step…. AND!!!! not to make them sound like how I talk… noowwwww that was hard!!!

Then last night I got into bed all snug like as ya do!!! And Paul says have you got me stuff for the morning, well I got in a strop why didn’t he say that before I got in the flaming bed….. Now I pint out a couple of things here before ya think I am a meaney ole bag!!!

1. Being our bed is sooooo flaming big the only place it wil fit is under the windw side ways by the wall, so i have to climb over Paul to get in and out!!!

2. Being if ya not know, My Paul had a massive stroke 5 yr back which has left his GOB in tact (well I actually taught him how to speak again coz they didn’t have the resources in the hospital, sometimes I wish I never bothered !! oh nooo I am only joking there), But

Has left him in a wheelchair unable to walk but a couple of steps holding on to me!!!

Soooo therefore I had to get out the bed and get the stuff, now you may be thinking well whats wrong with that, But I tell ya I go up and down those frippin stairs 100 times a day, soooo hence the strop,….

Well I bounced and thats the only word I can think of that fits, out of the bed, and lo and behold the flamin side bar snapped!!! I have or should say had the most gorg Mexican pine bed with iron work on the top and bottom….

Well i was in a right state you can imagine the thing was half hanging on the floor so I had to improvise as I told Julia earlier, I got the tool box big and sturdy and two reams of card stock, mmmm a bit of crafting going on here!!!! I always keep plenty of card stock you never know what ya might need it for eh girls!!!

And me cropadile came in handy too as Paul said wrap a belt round the two broken bits, so I had to punch new holes in me belt , and then try and go to sleep, I was terrified we’d end up in a heap on the floor…


well thats what I have been upto this week, coughing, spluttering,sneezing and breaking beds!!!

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