Oh I am sooo poorly, It started with a small cough and now I have no voice, mmmmmm some would say YIPPPEEEEE, Espesh in my house…lol

Me poor ears feel like hot pokers are been shoved through em, me throat is on fine, been like this for two and a half days now… been Dr’s he told me to take paracetamol and Nurofen together, and gave me a prescription on antibiotics in case I shall need em, but try the paracetmol first…. and NOT to go out !!! Awwww Creatives sale starts tommorrow, I must attend mustn’t I …

Oh and stuff me head under a towel with hot water and menthol stuff, well that made me all congested now, and now got a headache that I didn’t have before doing it…

Dr says its just a virus effecting the ear nose and throat and chest, not flu or pheumonia as he says!!!

It’s really inconvenient ain’t it, I wanted to spend this few days stamping the magnolia images for the blog candy and perhaps do some colouring for meself..
And of course just to tease me, my order of the new penny black spring stamps arrived this morning form The Glitter pot!!!! whats a girl to do…. Paul telling me off for getting out of bed, and penny black calling me…
later I shall show ya piccies of goodies…. sooooo cute….. and even better two lots come in a clear set set so much value for money….

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