Sorry haven’t been around much, been running Paul around to footies games and then over to Belgium, it has been a very busy week thats for sure….

Well I would like to thank everyone for their kind words of congrats, but I sure was brought back down to earth with a very big bump….. I took me Nan for her results on tuesday and it were not good at all, she has a Rare slow growing tumour in her groin and it has been there for at least 3yrs apparently by the size of it, so they say…. this tumour has a name but for the life of me I can’t think what begins with an L , but only a handful of people in the world has it… this tumour grows and pushes against the bones and breaks them, st thomas’ want to refer her to the royal marsden in london for treatment and also research, me nan is 82 and she ain’t having none of it… well we will be going back to st toms, in february, and me and me mum are trying to coax her into at least talking to consultants at the marsden, my uncle has looked this tumour up on the net and there is a lady in america who has one for the last six years and she is well and climbing mountains apparently….

I reccieved my cricut expression yesterday all the way from USA so that lightened me spirits, What a bargain it was, all I had to do was swap over the plug end a wolahhh…. cutting beautifully just gotta get used to the different bits that are not on the baby one….

Well I shall wish you all a merry christmas, and send hugs to those who are poorly and a special hug to my friend Caz……
take care all Kim x

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