Ohheeee don’t ya just lurve that song, mmm Gary Barlow!!!!!

Well I have long awaited to see me man in action once again, missed out on getting tickets last time, but was sure as hell determined to get one this time, so tonite I shall be seeing my guys in action at the 02 dome which is up the road from me…. poor Paul the only way to get me a ticket without truly pulling me hair out was to drag him along, as Paul is in a wheelchair since his accident a few years back…. And it’s buy one get one free, and a lot easier to get through to ticket office,mind you parking is £20.00 what a rip off, think I shall park in the train station and puch him the rest of the way…

bless him.. but hey I have to trapes all over the country driving him and his friend to footie and sit for three hours in a freezing car, so thats the least he could do for me, what say you……

Oheee a million love songs later, let it shine, let it shine… :((((( bit sad won’t be seeing Robbie this time….

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