To say the least, yesterday morning my Ironing board fell to pieces and it weren’t a cheap effort neither, so off I goes to Bexleyheath this afternoon to get another, and found what I thought were a fabulous ironing board a space saving one, now I am all for space saving espesh if I can fill the saved space up with crafting stash!!!!

Oh lord almighty what a kerfuffle I have gotten meself in, arms legs feet everywhere, and NO not mine either, the flamin ironing board well whoever thought up this one must have been having a bad hair day I gotta tell ya!!

And at £32 well it’s going back tommorrow stuff the school shirts, I think i’ll get the cats to sit on em and get the creases out…

I have never come across such a load of crap, and dangerous ain’t in it, does anyone have one of these !!!!

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