I am giggling soooo much I can’t stop teee heee!!!, but I sure will when my friend Maureen receives the birthday card I have just made for her!!!! oh lordy is she gonna give it to me… ooohheeeeee, I really want to show you but can’t until Thursday when I will know FOR SURE she has opened it…. and for sure I will know….

This card has to be the funniest I have ever made, and I know Maureen will take it in the good spirits that it is meant (well I hope so anyways)…Rofl…

I am really pleased the way it came out especially since I had done a two day stint round Allie pallie ladened with loadsa goodies which I shall take piccies for you…

I got me bind it all yipeeeee, Caz is well pleased she can have hers back now!!!! lol

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