Am off in a mo to take my husband Paul and his friend to see his beloved Chelsea play Manu u, how we will do without My beloved Jose gawd only knows, Abramovich has a lot to answer for, me for one would like it if all fans boycotted this game, but you know men they love their footie and no doubt there will be booing going on in both sides….

Jose he certainly is the special one!!!! and I have NO DOUBT in his career he WILL return to CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!! BIG LOVE TO YA JOSE (The best looking footie manager in the world)…. (he’s up there with the Princess Diana’s to me) The special ones…

Oh well off now for a five hour drive….. I shall sit in car, proberbly sleeping till the game is over and then home on another 5 hour drive….Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!

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