Gosh what a week I have had, no blogging bad bad me!!!! I had been a very busy bunny last week, friends moving to Spain,saying goodbye and Eating myself silly at the most wonderful chinese resturant over in Morden Surrey on Friday night with them,

Saying Hello to family over from Ireland,came over to me for the day on Sunday,stayed for lunch and dinner, I baked great fresh cream victoria sponge for them, well the second one came out perfect, well nearly, the first one lets not go there…

Been partying at a surprise birthday on Sat evening… never been sooo busy in my social calender, Cor was glad to see my bed come sunday night, Winnie went last night on her end of year school trip Disneyland Paris for the day they left at 9pm last night be back tonite at midnight, huh!!! alright for some, whatever happened to the days of camping in epping forest…..

Gosh am worn out…….

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