Well where do I begin…. Oh that makes me want to burst into song, where do I begin to tell a story of an angel that sings…… Oh I do love that song… but enough of that…

I shall begin at the beginning, Newbury day today, off me and my good friend Maureen trot on our two hour journey to the Newbury craft show, we have started out late well gone twelve, anyway… gets there, whilst running from the car park, to the entrance we shove our ham rolls down our throats, well we managed half a roll each, shoved the rest in our bags, we are in a hurry as the show shuts at 4pm and it’s now 2.15…

Well we were like a pair of lunatics on a trolley dash at Morrisons…. oooing and ahhhhing along the way, first stop Craftworkcards always a must for me, a quick hello to Sue and Julie Hickey, mooching through Julie’s wonderful creations, paying for me stash, and onwards with the rest of the trolley dash…. I think you can tell by piccies of the stash I bought today I am addicted to ribbon somewhat…. It’s surprising how much one can shove in ones trolly when they have sooooo little time, I was soooo pleased with what I came home with, mostly coz I managed to get the much sort afterr ATC tins, I desperately wanted one to decorate as a gift for my Friend Sue’s Little girl Becky, Picked up some fabby stamps by rubber romance , have one of the designs alreday so glad to add another two to my collection….. I think we were the last ones to be kicked out of the show, mmmmm wheres the rest of that ham roll, I’m famished..

Back in the car for our homeward journey another two hours drive home well A little longer not much longer due to volume of traffic….

Promised Winnie that we would watch miss potter when I got back, we sat there all comfy with a bowl of burnt homemade popcorn, yuk!!!!!! and a bunch of tissues, what a lovely film it is… anyway enough of my rambling you really want to see my stash don’t you!!!!

Stash, stash and more stash….mmmmm lurvely

got some fun quirky comical stamps too, a first for me, but they really are funny ones,can’t wait to use them…

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